High quality bug fresh is not expensive its priceless

Validating and verifying a software application (product or website) to have achieved functionality is an intelligent effort. Testing proves the existing of bugs, not their absence. Finding flaws which may be created while developing the software by the programmer and gaining confidence in providing info about the level of quality are the key objectives of Software Testing.

The code developed is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product solves the needs during the prerequisite phase. During this phase all types of Functional testing like Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing as well as Non-Functional testing like Performance testing, Security testing, Compatibility testing and Usability testing are completed.The imperfections and faults made during the development phases ought to be rectified to win the client’s consistency and their contentment in the application/product. Meticulous attention to detail and testing every module, ensuring that it meets client’s specifications is certainly a very shrewd and skillful effort. Getting something done is an accomplishment, but getting something functioning aptly is an Achievement.