Pandemics are extremely stressful and this year COVID-19 was something not very different. The impact has been extremely grave and this highly contagious agent has spread like wildfire leading to the loss of many lives and also has a serious impact on all trade sectors across the globe. The fear and anxiety this novel contagion has caused among the people are enormous and there have been immensely strong emotions among both children and adults. Practicing the much-needed safety measures have indeed left many feeling isolated and less social, along with an increase in apprehension and mental trauma.

Tracking the global outbreak, countries still seem to experience high rates of infection and the virus seems to still affect every part of the world. Though the world’s coronavirus cases are still on the rise, most countries are doing quite well in decreasing the number of positive cases. But, in India, there still seems to be a daily surge in the number of positive cases when compared to a few others. Stringent measures to contain the virus are imposed and practiced. The government has been quite supportive and rigorous measures in setting up fever clinics, screening protocols to contain the spread of the virus are in practice. In Karnataka, coronavirus testing (the rapid antigen testing) seems to continue as a mandatory part in diagnosing the disease and the most recent strategy is to perform testing on the vulnerable groups across the state to minimise their exposure and provide timely care and treatment as required.

This global outbreak has left every one of us quite anxious regarding the update and release of the most effective coronavirus vaccine. Countries are striving to develop the vaccine and meticulous efforts have been implemented across the globe in preparing standards and protocols to aid citizens to stay safe and in containing the virus. The diligent research team at The State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology in Russia has discovered various measures that can restrict the growth of this exceedingly infectious contagion. Countries such as India, the US, UK, Russia, China, Israel, etc are racing against time to develop the most effective coronavirus vaccine and clinical trials are certainly underway across the world leaving every individual quite apprehensive about the release of the much-awaited vaccine.

This pandemic has besides shown its impact on all trade sectors as well and every business has started to feel the scrunch as far as revenues are concerned. The shrewd businessmen certainly have to think a level above, not compromising on any aspect but indeed chart a very diligent solution in accomplishing company goals. This has to be dealt with attentively along with considering staff safety which is utmost vital. Most corporate firms have decided on the work from home service and have set policies to continue serving their most valuable clients effectively and efficiently. During such a crisis, businesses can make up their lost time and revenues and boost up their sales and deals by considering the digital marketing domain to reach audiences. Though this can be very challenging, it is certainly achievable by performing detailed analysis and strategic planning.

Albeit this being a tragic phase, to begin with, people are now in the acceptance stage and are learning to live and fight this contagion ensuring that they will recover from this misfortune. It is vital that every individual behave and think responsibly and confront this challenge wisely, rather than being pessimistic about this traumatic period. Let us all take this opportunity to work together, be as one, think universally, practice the mandatory standards and protocols at ease, to effectively recover from this extensively distressing time. It is vital to inculcate, exercise and accept the new safety norms as the “new normal” such as staying home if sick, stepping out only during utmost necessity, carrying a sanitizer with you all the time, wearing a mask whenever you step out of your homes, practicing physical distancing and following stringent safety measures at workplaces too.

Nevertheless, Veniteck Solutions continues to support and serve all clients and takes pride in its utmost co-operative and intelligent team of professionals. Even during this entire phase of adversity, the crew has been extremely accommodating and has worked extra hard, serving clients relentlessly.